Have you ever experienced the flow of a brain download? Pure, unadulterated, thought and clarity as you pour what is in your mind into a text document on your phone or laptop. Not only does this process allow the individual to reflect, which is good for their mental wellbeing, but it provides them an opportunity to reflect and synthesize new ideas.

The only question is what becomes of these digital stored words? The become a document, a digital representation of a piece of paper. Talk about old school! We were inspired by the process of reflection and deep thought, and are driven by the concept of better enabling the individual.

Weather it's helping someone gain clarity on a new idea, or providing a superior method for reflection, we know technology can level up our ability to think.

What it does

Neural Note is a thought processor. We capture notes, but that is where the magic begins. Using a combination of computational linguistics, statistically derived grammar parse trees, and sentence vector space embedding models, we store your words as more than a just a document. Our system can recall similar sentences, surface relevant thoughts you may have forgotten about, and help you traverse your ideas in a way you never thought was possible.

How we built it

Our system was build using some of the latest in the fields of Machine Learning, computational linguistics, and natural language processing including:

  1. A statistically driven lexicographical tree parser (
  2. Tregex grammar regex traverser (
  3. Tensor Flow Sentence Embedding (
  4. The Glove Word Vector Model (
  5. React

What's next for NeuralNote

We are looking forward to expanding our system to work on other convenient platforms. We also look forward to developing additional ways to level up the individual through new technical supports.

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