The idea of creating a true end-to-end P2P solution for Finastra clients that connected them to a larger network that allowed them to be competitive in their P2P offering.

What it does

We use the power of Fusion to enable a simplified integration to our platform. We can pull all the data needed to connect a user to the network and send/receive funds securely.

We built a unique connector to PayPal/Venmo that allows us to also expand who can receive these funds to the largest P2P networks in the US. This is done with PANs, sharing PCI or PII data creating a secure transaction. The cost is also below or at market for a P2P transaction.

How we built it

We leveraged our existing solution and then created connectors for getting customer and account data for Finastra Financial Institutions. When possible we use the Good Funds API to debit/credit accounts at Finastra in real-time. This will save fees and charges from the networks.

Challenges we ran into

The team built the POC in under 2 weeks - mainly because the Fusion solution allowed for a simple and straightforward integration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe with another few weeks and the support of the Maluazai team we could turn this into a production-ready solution.

What we learned

Fusion allows us to simplify CORE integrations for Finastra clients. It lets us keep backend support needs to a minimum (ie Settlement will be a single line item on a report). We can do real-time debits and credits to Finastra clients.

What's next for Neural Payments P2P Integration

Hopefully, a commercial agreement to do a production integration of this POC.

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posted an update

"This is done with PANs, sharing PCI or PII data creating a secure transaction." Actually, this is done WITHOUT - passing any of this information. The only PII is phone/email that is stored in the directory. The big piece is that without PANs we lower chances of fraud - there are not external apps or logins - limiting the chance for fraud.

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