Predicting Power-Consumption and Controling Power Consumtion to optimize usage of renewable Energy and Reduce Cost in Science

What it does

Using existing Big Data to Predict Power COnsumption and Control Power intensive Processes tu match their profile to Power Production by Wind and Solar

How I built it

Analyzing Data provided by LRZ (Leibnitz Rechen Zentrum) to train a Model using Tensor Flow and Python

Challenges I ran into

The immensive amount of Data to be screend and analyzed to shape a Neural Network

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got a Prediction accuracy in 7 Dimensions of up to 43% per Node

What I learned

How to use N to analyze complex data....and that it's not as easy as it sounds

What's next for Neural Network Super Computing Prediction

Refinement of the Model and improving the accuracy

Built With

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