4 years ago The Lord spoke to me to develop a social platform focused on prayer. The need came from realizing that there was nothing of the sort at the time. Since then, I have obeyed focused on getting this project complete with another developer. Remaining patient, and obedient to the call of the Lord we have worked diligently until now, finally having a launch date set up for January 2017.

What it does

Network One is a standalone solution for those seeking a place online in which they can share prayer, pray for others, or be prayed for. When used regularly, it becomes a prayer journal in which you can track statistics as to your prayers and when God answered them. The site also serves as a major source of motivation and encouragement to both the church and the world to see that God is faithful to answer prayers and that our God is active, alive, and loves us.

Simply put, prayer brings unity, and Network one seeks to unify the body of Christ through prayer.

How we built it

PHP, Ionic, several other things

Challenges we ran into

Over 4 years of development, we have ran into a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are launching in January with iOS and Android apps as well as a website all locked and loaded. Also we want to support the next wave, and so we are building the network into VR. A console where you can

What we learned

Just trust God and be faithful for He is faithful.

What's next for Network One

The launch across 3 different platforms. Prayer in VR

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