Since I'll likely be cold contacting industry professionals soon to seek co-op positions for my co-op program, I wanted a tool to track my contacts and points of contact with those contacts (email, Linkedin, etc).

What it does

Network Manager empowers co-op students and non-co-op students by providing a simple tool to manage their networks. Building and managing a network is essential for obtaining experiential learning opportunities, such as academic research positions and industry internships.

Network Manager is a web application that allows the user to track contacts and contact points. Contact points are the points of contact the user has with his/her contacts. Contact points can be of different contact point methods (email, Linkedin, etc). The user can set the contact points to different statuses like "sent", "responded - need to reply", and "responded - no need to reply". Network Manager clearly displays which contact points are "sent" and which are "responded - need to reply".

How I built it

I used Django and PostgreSQL to build the web application.

Challenges I ran into

As a beginner to Django and SQL databases, I struggled with using Django's QuerySet to query the data I wanted from the Django models.

Another fun but challenging problem was designing the SQL database and Django models to accommodate the web application's needs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm happy that the app works like I intended, despite facing a lot of bugs and problems with Django.

I'm also happy about the way the UI of the web application turned out. Although there are individual areas that can look much better, I'm happy with the general layout and simple-but-robust design of the application.

What I learned

I learned how to use Django and SQL databases. I also reviewed how to use CSS Bootstrap and CSS flexboxes.

What's next for Network Manager

I want to bring this web application to production. If anything, I would use it regularly for myself. Aside from polishing up some aspects of the UI, there are other improvements to be made. Network Manager could have analytic features to track stats like how many new contacts the user added in specific periods of time (to track if the user is getting better at networking). Network Manager could also allow different users to exchange contact information.

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