As part of my MBA research project at Dublin Business School, Ireland, I have conceptualized an idea - to build a social networking site for volunteers. A Social Responsibility profile.

We all live in an age of turmoil. Now, more than ever, we need positive news - to inspire us & to believe that change for a better world is possible. This is a network for people who work for the well-being of society and expect nothing in return. This project is to identify those humanitarians & unsung heroes- read their stories, share their passion and get inspired to make a change in the world.

What it does can be used as an aid to inspire people to post their first experience of a social cause.

How I built it

A talented team who just started working in the real world.

Challenges I ran into

Finding it difficult to share this platform in these difficult times.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A fully functional platform that can address the cause.

What I learned

I need the patience to make it work.

What's next for Network for Cause

Need support from like-minded people who think of society.

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