Connectivity is essential in this generation. Many places do not have a secure internet connection or have a very weak one. The inspiration behind this project is to raise awareness of this issue.

What it does

The project is website, with a map of Alberta and regions with poor internet connections

How we built it

Using shapefiles of towns, cities, etc. to accurately draw the regions of Alberta's in combination with Google Maps JavaScript API. The shapefiles were converted into .JSON files with python, which then were used to draw on the Google Map the regions of interest.

Challenges we ran into

Converting the shapefiles into .JSON format. How the google maps API works. Plotting the download speeds by region.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managed to get the shapes of regions plotted on map.

What we learned

Learned that when your new to many things, you run into many issues. But moving on is important!

What's next for Network Connectivity in Alberta

Plotting the regions by download speed and making the website publicly available to Albertans so issues around connectivity can be raised.

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