Realizing that there are beautiful places around campus that we have never seen, used, or have time to access and we are not alone in this dilemma.

What it does

We connect these networks of nodes with a faster way to get to them so they aren't wasted and get fully utilized, especially by those who need the most.

How we built it

Imagining what could connect different distances more quickly than walking or current public transportation with a singular designed unit. That led to a modular solution that can be attached end to end as long or short as we need.

Challenges we ran into

Organizing the ideas we have talked about and believe in into a 3 min presentation using new software.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finding a solution that benefits so many and amplifying our design with neurodivergent accommodations in mind.

What we learned

How neurodivergence can be a design perimeter that can and should be implemented as a standard by how many are affected.

What's next for NetWalk

We take this idea and refine the presentation to reach other audiences to pitch for funding and fabrication for the future impact of our Aggie Network!

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