We tried to solve a problem that we had for a long time: Tracking your carbon footprint is a cumbersome and time-intensive task. We see a lot of apps that are well designed and include gamification. But would you open this app every day for ten minutes to meticulously track your carbon emissions? Probably not.

Go carbon neutral, effortlessly, with Netty.

What it does

  1. Open your credit-card or banking app and export your transaction history as a PDF.
  2. Share the PDF with the Netty App
  3. Our classifier now extracts all transactions from the report, categorizes them, and calculates the carbon footprint of every transaction.
  4. To further improve the accuracy of the calculations, the user can add details to each transaction e.g. a picture of your supermarket receipt.
  5. Based on your carbon footprint, we give you tailored tips and tricks on how to reduce your emissions.
  6. Once switched on, we periodically offset your carbon footprint based on the projects of your choice.

How we built it

  • Ionic, Angular, NodeJS
  • MyClimate API, Berkeley API

Challenges we ran into

  • The classifier is the core feature of our product and needs a lot of training data to accurately rate transactions with their correct carbon emission.
  • Sharing transaction reports from your banking apps with our app was quite complex to implement
  • We see an increasing amount of carbon emission data and APIs out there but getting correct and consistent and reliable data is hard.

What's next for Netty

  • Use open-banking API to get transaction details in a more structured way than with the PDF
  • Bring it to the app store
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