In talking with some of our customers such as the company IXON and LangHam Hotels, firms base in Hong Kong, I noticed they had many questions for our company.

What it does

When a user types in a question related to our product, the bot will answer based on the data available in its knowledge base.

How we built it

So the application is built in bot framework composer by Microsoft and integrates Cosmos DB, QnA Maker, LUIS ai, and Azure Bot

Challenges we ran into

There were some difficulties setting up the bot composer framework with dotnet sdk and other requirements. At times, I had to redownload everything just to get a clean slate and remove all the bugs.

Another big challenge was getting through the free account limitations, such as the search service limits (1 search service only). There were times where deployment of the bot automatically created a search service which caused the whole application to fail due to the account limitations. This is prohibiting me from continuing to develop the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of being able of being able to create a fully functional chatbot. I went from not knowing about Serverless when I joined to feeling like I unlocked a lot of potential with the vast amount of resources available on Azure. I am also proud that I challenged myself to create a useful application for my company!

What we learned

Start the project early so that we do not have to rush. Learned how to use the bot framework composer and work around the limitations with pricing plans, learned new technologies in azure like LUIS.

What's next for Netted Chatbot

Might need to upgrade the account so that it can run more services. Embed it into our website and add an authentication feature where the user can use the bot to log in.

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