NetSepio aims to provide a safe and secure internet browsing experience through Data Democratization to empower individuals & companies to use the data in their decision making.


Our Mission is to create a tools like Browser Extensions and Mobile Apps to give users insights on the safe and harmful websites/domains they browse and allow them to categorize them into different categories as Safe, Spyware, Malware, Phishing etc. This enables them to safeguard against emerging advanced threats in a collaborative way with a decentralized and tamper-proof process using blockchain technology.

What it Does

NetSepio browser extension allows users to vote for a website/domain categorizing it into various categories and get rewards. The user can be aware of the threats like Tracking, Malware, Drive-By Downloads, Adware, Phishing, Cryptojacking, etc. and also can report the website for having unsafe content. The report/voting process happens over a Blockchain based Smart Contract which gives rewards to users for every vote submitted. This enables users to pre-emptively protect their online activities from advanced threats in a collaborative way with a decentralized and tamperproof process using blockchain technology. We aim to create a security & privacy focused framework for online activities & Pseudo-anonymous Reputation based systems for online interactions.


What's next for NetSepio

  1. Reward Tokenomics & Mechanisms to control spam voting.
  2. Browser based Anonymous Network (VPN)
  3. Realtime Website Tracking Information & Block Trackers
  4. Firewall Support

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