We all know that today's world runs on the Internet, but what does that really mean? The key is that 5 letter prefix: Inter. We're all interconnected, but sometimes it's hard for us to realize that.


With NetRideVR, we aim to provide an immersive VR experience which allows any user to experience that interconnection first hand. With NetRideVR, you can fly with the bits and bytes that make up our digital world and see just how far they travel every second to serve our world.


Oculus (CV1), Unity 5.4 (with C#), a bit of data from CAIDA, lots and lots of Soylent.


  • How do we tell a story without words?
    • What story do we want to tell?
  • How do we represent something intangible in a way that is meaningful to users?
    • Can we make it meaningful, breathtaking, and badass all at once?


Making it all come together.

-- Table 31

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