A comprehensive environmental database viewer and report generator complete with environmental records collected from various local, state and federal organizations including the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Information pertaining to Superfund sites, parcels suspected of contamination, compliance and violation concerns, permitted sources of toxic vapors and other characteristics that may be harmful to human health and the environment are identified.  The application enables individuals, communities, corporations, law firms, lenders, insurance companies, real estate professionals and government agencies to make informed decisions. The environmental database viewer is fully interactive and detailed information and records are only a mouse click away.  A hard copy report is also available to the user.  The report generation process takes approximately thirty seconds. Incorporated with the environmental data in the report the user is provided thumbnails of both current and historic aerial photographs (where available).  This birds eye view and offering of environmental and historical land use information in an application simply does not exist anywhere else.   Much less it is free and accessible to a broad range of consumers and platforms.

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