Technical Description:

We synced our project's GitHub repo with our Azure web app by use of Microsoft's 'Continuous Deployment' service. This allowed our team to seamlessly update changes with the live version, which we found very useful in a rapid development environment (hackathon). Verizon's 'Vidible Answers API' was used to find & display video content on our app. We used an open source JavaScript camera api, 'WebcamJS', to take a photo of the user's reaction to the video. This photo is uploaded to AWS's 'S3', then directly fed in to Microsoft's 'Project Oxford Emotion API' to find the happiness level of the person in the photo. After recording a few happiness levels with the 'netflix' part of our app, we ran the 'chill' portion to return matches of people with similar happiness levels for the same video. Thus, ladies and gentleman, netflix & chill was born.

Team Members:

David Karivalis, Johanna Malmstrom, Hannah Andrade, Jin Park, Zailyn Savinon


*use demo with firefox *don't judge the ugly code ;)

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