Philippines still has the highest rate of HIV in the whole ASEAN region

With a 300% increase in HIV infection rate, our team wants to do something about this epidemic. We want to reach out to the marginalized and those without access to sexual health paraphernalia.

What it does

Is a web app that can answer queries of questions related to HIV or other sexual health related. It can send a message through an SMS hotline and reply through sms. The web app has has a chat-bot and also serves as a resource center for sexual health topics. The potential patients can also set a consultation session with a doctor or a qualified sexual health worker

How we built it

We built it with HTML and Javascript First, we will be integrating it with an SMS API and a Facebook Messenger API later for the working chatbot.

Challenges we ran into

** We needed to find partner organization ** to host our website and hopefully the government will work with us to spread the app to the people who want to ask question about reproductive/sexual health anonymously.

What we learned

This is a good idea that we are using SMS features and chat-bots to serve marginalized people that do not have access to smart phones and internet especially those from the provinces. NLP and Chat-bots are difficult to backend as it requires an in depth understanding of different kinds of language models and computations.

the NetDoc+ team will continue to work hard to help contribute in solving the HIV crisis in the country and hopefully in the world.

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