Problem statement

• We wanted to create an ios app and mobile friendly web app that would make it simple for citizen reporting on lost and found fishing gear
• As well as a public API that would allow researchers and interested parties to access crowdsourced data


• Split our team into 
    ○ Ios team(jessica)
    ○ Rails team that split into
        § Web app/UI team(austin)
        § API/visualization/deployment(hailey)

How it works

• Lost/found gear can be reported via either ios or web
• Any new entries are immediately accessable via the API
• Visualization charts also dynamically updated
• Easy to add other visualization types like scatterplots, bar graphs, etc
• Can also easily add different aspects of the data to analyze

What still has to be done

    ○ Would like to make the API streaming so that there's no need for researchers to poll it
• Map
    ○ Would like to add clusters to mapping so that as data scales the map isnt overwhelmed with data points
    ○ Would like to add hover details over map markers that describes the gear

Statement of impact

• We hope this will help the ghost gear problem because
    ○ It allows anonymous reporting of lost gear
    ○ The easy UI will hopefully allow:
        § Expansion of dataset 
            □ Anonymous reporting removes disincentive to hide that gear has been lost
            □ Multiple methods of reporting allow users with older technologies to still participate in reporting
        § Real-time data
            □ API allows researchers to see where lost and found gear is reported in realtime
                ® This allows dataset to stay relevant
                ® Allows retrieval crews to have most up to date location and description of ghost gear
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