Net Neutralizer

Big companies are doing their job in campaigning for net neutrality. However, the general public is not doing much to keep the web they way they have been enjoying it.

This is why we set out to help people contact their legislators. The current problem, however, is that legislator contact forms take HOURS to complete, and most people do not have enough motivation to complete them, no matter how serious the cause.

This is why we created Net Neutralizer. We programmatically collected Facebook, Twitter, Phone Numbers, and Email Addresses of ALL the representatives in the US. We then extracted the essential forms from legislator contact information and created a common format to post data to them.

Now, all the user has to do is enter their street address and phone number. Within seconds, we geolocate their district and present them with a multitude of option already to go.

They can post on their twitter and facebook walls, or email them directly bypassing all the labor intensive forms. They can even have our server call them and connect them to their legislator.

Net Neutrality is important. And we must take it upon ourselves to campaign for it. That's why we created Net Neutralizer.

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