Other productivity apps such as Forest and Notion.

What it does

A web app with many planned features - such as a pomodoro timer, hydration checker and achievements page. However in the end, the only thing that is functionable is the 25 minute countdown timer that stops with a soft gentle alarm sound!

How we built it

Website design and prototyping was done on Figma collaboratively. Coded on visual studio code with html, css and a few bits of javascript! Website hosting was done on Qoom, so anyone can visit it!

Challenges we ran into

When coding, we ran into issues. When doing html and css, our coder had many position arranging issues, so that took up a lot of time to fix. Next, javascript was very confusing. Our coder was a beginner with javascript, so she had to use many resources to get her way through (including her dad).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our survey we conducted about student mental health, the countdown timer and finally, our cute little bird mascot, Caswell!

What we learned

Time management, using javascript with actual parts of the website (onClick, innerHTML, setInterval), learned to effectively communicate with members, research, conducting surveys and finally, learned the brainstorming process to create apps.

What's next for Nestling

To actually implement the hydration checker, achievements and the rest of the home page on the webpage!

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