We wanted to create something that we would be able to continue to use ourselves after the end of the hackathon. To help ourselves manage our money habits.


Our solution focuses on helping bank customers make smart decisions to improve thier fincancial health. By allowing the user to quickly do thier budget in a place that they would already be going you greatly reduce the amount of effort required to put together a budget compared to traditional third party routes or believe it or not an excel document. Our Project features funds which allow the user to set aside money from each paycheck to go towards being prepared for emergencies for example a car maintence fund or simple occasional costs of an unpredictable nature. It also allows you to set a budget to help limit your montly expenditures and track where your money is going. Because this is integrated with a bank transactions could be added automatically making it incredibly easy to use. We built our application using Vue which is a frontend framework to handle state, Bootstrap to make styling easier, and Flask to create the backend.

What we are proud of

We are proud of the fact that we were able to get a 100% functional product up and running within the time allotted. We also learned an entirely new up and coming Javascript framework that we learned at the hackathon called Vue.

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