With millions of people now working online, life with interaction can be hard. Without the pleasure of seeing coworkers and friends every day, depression can occur. As students, we know what is feels like to not being able to see our friends at school and as a result feel gloomy all the time. That's why we created Nest, an app that lets users to see daily challenges to reach goals and feel good about themselves. We start with small goals and award points as the user completes these challenges. Our aim is to help mental health one step at a time with Nest.

What it does

Nest first prompts the user to login/register and then displays one challenge in the Home Screen. The user then completes the challenge, takes a picture and our ml model see's if the user did complete the challenge. Once the green light pop's up, the user get's points and processed to new daily challenges. These small stepping stones allow users to feel good about them selves, help their mind, and lets the user do fun and exciting things each day!

How we built it

We used swift for the main app logic. We also used Firebase to authentic our users. We also used machine learning for our image identification feature.

Challenges we ran into

Combining project with GitHub was pretty challenging, but to solve this issue we made our our projects and merged them together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get the AI running, as well as saving data to a user's profile using Firebase

What we learned

We learned more about swift app development and connecting it to Firebase. Another main thing we learned was collaborating with GitHub as a team and connecting apps to Firebase for authentication. We also learned about connecting AI machine learning models in our iOS.

What's next for Nest

Next steps for Nest include providing a community page, where users can post images of their challenges. Our am is for a supporting community to be developed by supporting other and congratulating them for competing the challenges.

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