Nest encourages Rice students to take full advantage of the experiences available at Rice. College is a unique period of time. For most students, this is the first and last time they will be surrounded by and actively living with a group of people from diverse backgrounds with an average age gap of only two years. During the college stage of life, everyone is looking to have new experiences and discover new opportunities. However, it’s very easy for students to become bogged down in stress and homework and develop a routine, where they eat at the same servery and study with the same people and in the same places. We created Nest to encourage students to break out of their monotony.

According to a study done by Dr. O’Connel at Movarian College, students who did not engage in regular exercise every week had a significantly higher illness burden, or chance of ailment. Nest encourages regular trips to the Gibbs Recreation and Wellness Center in order to help students become healthier, and engaging in a variety of sports to interact with more students and have a more rounded lifestyle.

The study also shows that students who often skip meals and eat on average less than two meals a day reported a much higher illness burden than students that ate regular meals. By incentivizing eating a diversity of foods and visiting a variety of services, Nest encourages healthy eating habits and helps students meet new friends in areas of campus they would normally not visit.

Since Nest will be available on the Apple App Store and tracks your location through geofencing, it is very easy to use and provides a very low barrier of entry for students, making it a very accessible and useful tool for students on campus.


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