We believe that developing an interactive user interface to better organize information about CapitalOne-specific banking information would be nice as an end-user. It also gives us the option to build features off of this that would continue to ease user navigation, streamlining the difficulties of finding the right branch, ATM, etc.

What it does

The application is able to congregate branching information and display them on a nice globe model, so users can see distances between branches and respective information about the branch. Moreover, it contains a sidebar which administrators can use to conveniently view distinct data, such as amount of money left in ATMs.

How I built it

The application was built using Javascript and angular.js alongside CapitalOne's nifty API. We imported the information from the API to populate the different tables to be viewable by uses. All code was written from scratch in IntelliJ.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have been able to get the globe to zoom in and plot the different branches. At previous events, we were only able to import data into tables. Additionally, we're happy to have been able to take a robust API and integrate it with our project! It was an amazing learning experience.

What I learned

We definitely learned a great deal about CapitalOne's API. We did a lot of searching to identify how we could best incorporate it into our project. We learned how to represent data in a 3D model, as well as build more tables. We had to think about, for end-users, what design would be most convenient and good on the eye, and what features would actually benefit users.

What's next for Nessie Visualizer

Since we didn't have much time, our design servers as a solid foundation in which other features can be easily built on top of. We create the side bar to contain more information, and certainly, we'd love to add more options and interactions with the map. Nessie Visualizer can also make use of CapitalOne's other useful data, and in a way, be catered also to account administrators to better serve Capital One users.

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