Since the birth of the disruptive concept of NFTs it was known that we were only at the entrance of a new world, a new step in the world of cryptocurrencies applicable to many aspects of everyday life. Now we talk about nested NFTs, where from a parent NFT other NFTs of its property are derived. The people who own it will have its authorship and power of command according to what has been stipulated in the smart contract. There are several platforms where we can buy and sell NFTs, but there is a lack of practical and understandable platforms where you can observe these nested NFTs, and not only observe them but also see the modifications made for example in a video game avatar.

What it does

Nes3D is a tool that allows users to visualize and interact with nested NFTs in a comprehensive and easy way.

How we built it

In the backend we used ExpressJS to work with the helper libs of Unique Network and interact with its chain. For the visualization we used React and ThreeJS in the frontend.

Challenges we ran into

  • There were some issues with the helper libraries to interact with the chain and nested NFTs but the team of Unique Network was very competent and fast to solve them within a day.
  • The use of serverless functions is limited when you want to interact with the Unique chain because of the request timeouts. Some task of writing information from server could spend more than 20sec and the low tier plans usually are limited to less than that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Present a intuitive way to visualize and interact with nested NFT structures

What we learned

  • How nested NFTs work and their capabilities
  • Parachains are a great tool for innovation

What's next for Nes3D

Build a generic visualization to include most of the cases and interactions related to nested structures

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