Nerve is a payments platform that can be used by businesses to get paid in crypto and then invest that revenue in Defi protocols to earn interest


More and more people are buying crypto every day, but there's currently no utilization to that. There are also millions of people holding the crypto in noncustodial wallets, with no immediate use-case to use them on. More and more businesses are also moving their money into crypto. We'd like to bridge this gap between users and businesses by creating a way for businesses to accept payment in crypto and create a platform for businesses to utilize Defi's great interest rates.


We are striving to make our platform as trivial as possible to connect with your current payment flow and start receiving payments in crypto instantly. We'll be supporting multiple coins on multiple chains, and we'll swap the coins in which the payment was made to the coins you'd like to receive the payments in. We have 0% fees on all payments and we only take a fixed amount of percentage in the interest earned when the crypto is placed in the Defi products.

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