seeing so many homeless people not given the same opportunities as everyone else due to their hardship. After taking the time to speak with many of them we learned that many of them have android devices and so we decided to build an android app that can be useful for them

provides a platform for people and organizations to offer jobs, services, and food to those in need as well as for those in need to seek out jobs, services, and food

Firebase database controls our backend, Android studio using java and xml powered the rest.

We had compatibility issues and environment issues in android studio and git that set up back hours--preventing us from including some of the features we had intended

Proud of the message behind our app and working with two team members who this is their first hackathon!!!

We learned about firebase and how great of a tool it is for a quick backend service

Hopefully creating a movement that will inspire companies and people to use our app to help the homeless.

Prizes we are aiming for : best hack for social good, best design, best first hack (even though only two members are first timers!!)

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