Have you ever felt disconnected with the technology? We will technology is missing your personal involvement and customization. Wish you have a technology which adapts to a friend to take care of your loved ones.

What it does

It learns new commands without explicit coding just by natural conversation and imitation. You can either demonstrate or say a completely new task and by the breakdown of your definition for the task it tries to perform the intelligent sequencing and understanding of that task.

How we built it

We lease out the technology platform from Google and Twilio to build next-generation learning bot with fully customizable properties without the requirement of modifying the single line of code. It understands your demonstration by the voice of the new task and remembers it for the lifespan with the understanding of semantic of that intent in that task. We used Twilio API, Google dialog flow, Google Compute Engine, Google FireBase, RaspberryPi, openCV.

Challenges we ran into

Mapping of voice to commands and understanding the intent behind the voice demonstration of the task to have a perfect mixture of when to generalize and when to not.

Build the bot from scratch with waste materials and driving DC motors without having access to H-Bridge or L293D

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Eco-friendly bot with less than 20 dollars material. Never seen before learning new command just by natural conversation or definition by the user.

What we learned

Most of the Team built bots from scratch which we have never built before. ( extra respect to all Hardware Engineers). Use of NLTK, security protocols of https vs HTTP. Machine learning and Natural language processing and parsing. Team participation from people with as low as 16 years of age to 25 years of age.

What's next for Nerdy Devils

Implementing learning by the vision and then to build the state of the art system to create personalized bots and Agents.

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