Nerdel's world is a 3D virtual world game designed to educate and entertain children and adults. You can enter Nerdel's world through, by clicking on the  "Visit Me On Nerdel's 3-D World" photo box. This will take you to the Transport Station" where you can click on "Transport to Zendel Nerdel's 3D Virtual World." The direct "Transport Station" link is:

Once you enter walk around and explore Nerdel's planet Zendel, there is lot’s to see. There are many things to explore and many more cool things will be coming soon!

Collect all the glowing energy icons that you see by passing through them. You will learn some interesting facts along the way. These icons will give you Nerdel™ Energy so that you will be able to play my cool game called Nerdel™ Bounce. Did you know that I can swim? Well I can! Take a safe swim in the lake with me! You can see the fish and other underwater creatures. Find some more cool energy icons.

After a swim and a walk, visit the “Planet Earth Museum”. Check out the Planetarium for more fun facts and the Food Pyramid to learn all about nutrition facts and open My Food A Pedia. Then visit the President's Challenge Poster Museum and find the secret entrance to Nerdel Bounce. Make sure you have collected enough Nerdel energy on the way. The more energy you collect the more "lives" you will have in Nerdel Bounce. 

We must empower our children with the tools and knowledge for healthy eating, good nutrition and exercise. The Nerdel™ Company is a new and innovative company that was developed by a team of doctors, nutritionists, chefs and fitness experts to address the issues of children’s obesity, hunger, fitness and health. Together we are on a mission to empower our children with the knowledge to make better nutritional choices, and to take charge of their own physical fitness and well being.

The Nerdel™ Company will focus its efforts on educating the children of the United States and the world about healthy nutrition and physical activity. Through its multimedia approach with music, books, games, interactive website, cartoons, and 3D virtual world Nerdel™ and The Nerdel™ Company team will be able to reach the kids of the world, in a media form that is cool and fun to follow.

Kids and their parents can log on to to check out the Nerdel™ News. Here they can learn about nutrition, read about sports, get some great healthy and delicious recipes and stay up to date on lots of cool information. The Nerdel™ Company is proud to be a Corporate Advocate of the President’s Challenge and Physical Fitness Initiative.

The Nerdel™ Company is a company devoted to making children and adults all over the world more aware of healthy eating, healthy cooking and physical fitness. We are dedicated to making a present and future world of healthier children and adults.

Fighting Junk and Bad Nutrition is Our Mission!™

Join Nerdel™ and The Nerdel™ Company Team on our mission, at


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