1. To improve the agricultural production and livelihoods of farmers in Nepal
  2. To promote sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices in the region.
  3. To provide better access to markets for Nepali farmers
  4. To increase food security and reduce poverty in rural areas of Nepal.
  5. To promote agro-tourism and rural development.

What it does

Providing training and education to farmers on sustainable and organic farming practices. Helping farmers to form cooperatives or other groups to improve their bargaining power in the market.

How we built it

  • Front-end 1. Reactjs
  • Back-end 1. Flask 2. Express.js
  • AI 1. SKlearn 2. pytorch 3. openai 4. numpy 5. matplotlib 6. pillow etc.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints: Hackathons are typically held over a period of 24 hours, which can make it difficult for us to fully develop and refine their ideas.

Difficulty in presenting the idea: Presenting the idea to a panel of judges in a short amount of time can be challenging, as it requires clear and effective communication skills.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Successfully developing a working prototype of our idea within the time constraints of the hackathon
  2. Building a strong, cohesive team that was able to work effectively together under pressure
  3. Making a real impact by creating a solution that addresses a pressing social or environmental problem.

What we learned

  1. How to work effectively under pressure and time constraints?
  2. How to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions to problems?
  3. How to work in a team with people from different backgrounds and with different skill sets?

What's next for Nepali Harvest

  1. Simple and efficient algorithm based on Nepali data
  2. Platform for farmers and users to add and purchase products
  3. Automatic crop monitoring system
  4. Wide range of crops and fruits catering to the specific needs of Nepali farmers
  5. User-friendly interface for easy navigation and transactions

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