Driver License Fraud has been the frequent case in Nepal. Many people get their fraud driving license illegally. This has increased the number of accidents occurring in the country. A small step to validate driving license by capturing the license image and validating the details with Nepal Government Department of Transport Management site data, can help on-duty traffic to identify fraud at some extent.

What it does

This is a mobile app to verify whether the Nepal Driving License is valid or not. Driving license is captured using mobile camera and verified with legal/actual Transport Governmental Site data. After the license is captured by camera, the D.L.No.(Driving License No.) and D.O.B.(Date of Birth) from the card is detected using Mobile Vision algorithm and OCR, then this data is used to fetch the details of license holder ,with their color image of license holder photo, from legal site(web-fetch). If the license is valid, the data in the card matches the data shown in the app and shows Valid Driving License. Otherwise, the app shows Invalid Driving License.

How we built it

The mobile app was built with Flutter. The OCR(Optical Character Recognition) was done with Firebase ML vision. Then a simple algorithm was used to format and compare the detected text with details fetched from Real Government site.

Challenges we ran into

  • It was challenging to detect and filter only D.O.B and D.L.No. to extract details of license holder.
  • There was no API to simply get data from the gov website. HTML response was parsed and analyzed properly to get right HTML tag to extract the data response.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This can be helpful for public to verify and get full information of their License Card as well as the Traffic can use this app to detect frauds.

What's next for Nepal Driving License Verification App

  1. Traffic related news from related sources will be added
  2. On-field traffic related help(in-case of accidents)
    • Urgent Traffic Helpline
    • Tracking Location
    • Medical Helpline

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