What it does

It allows to monitorize the people that its inside a bus and the bus stop where they are going to leave, the people that is waiting for a bus and the people that will catch a bus on the following stops.

With that data, we populate usefol information on the bus stop screens and act with that information.

Also, on our own cloud we change dinamically the bus lines, removing some of the bus stops and making it more smart. That allows to the bus company to be more efficient in time and money, that improves also the user experience. We also have the ability of changing a bus stop if an accident occurred.

How we built it

We built it in top of the django framework and using the azure cloud services. Also we use the JCDecaux screens to show the data that we consider important in the bus stops.

Why we choosed neovectio

We would like to uncover why we choosed neovectio as our name. All the people in our team talk latin languages. In latin, neo means new and vectio means transport. So, in combination, they mean the new transport, that is what we have done in this project, raise again tha actual transport system and create a better version of it.

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