What the Web App does 1.Enriches your twitter UI. 2.Allows to send group tweets 3.Provide Pushbullet notification of the twitter message 4.Provide Cell phone notification of the twitter message 5.Allows to search the tweets based on location ,date and content

What the Android App does 1.Replaces the existing launcher for twitter 2.Provides quick access to tweets,timelines,etc 3.Provision of the notification bar from bottom up 4.Faster tweet searching


For the Web App: With the advent of multiple frameworks for UI development.Twitter used to still rely on old frameworks for their UI. Hence It occurred to us to improvise their UI with new frameworks and make it more efficient. For the Android App: Twitter Home To keep people connected always and the way to do that was to give people the easiest way to access twitter and that is achieved in this Android app.

How it works

For Web App: It is pretty simple,Login with your Twitter Id and be amazed to experience the rich UI of the NeoTwitter. For Android App: Twitter home is replacement for the existing launcher on Android platform. Its got feeds at finger tips, notifications, People have access to tweet people by swiping from the bottom, search for friends, tweets etc.

Challenges I ran into:

Implementation of the end to end application

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Full stack development of the application

What I learned

For Web App Usage of new JavaScript frameworks along with many API's For Android App Implementation of launcher for android

What's next for NeoTwitter

Pebble feed, Integration with Whatsapp, Integration with Instagram, Integration with SnapChat.

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