Do you really know how much electricity was consumed by your kettle?
Have you ever thought why your electricity bill is so huge?
Can you predict your expenses for the next month?

"Neon" will help you to track and monitor your electricity consuming by all your devices in real time. This platform allows you to get more control of your electricity consumption and makes suggestions for saving.

What it does

"Neon" tracks electricity consumed by each device and calculates it cost. The provided wall socket measures power consumed by attached devices and sends data to the web service over WiFi.

The web service logs each device energy consumption so it's possible to determine greedy devices and to optimize expenses by using greedy things at cheaper time (e.g. when the energy network has a lot of "green energy").

Also this service allows you to switch on and off sockets remotely.

How we built it

We got a prototype of a measuring socket done by Ready for Sky company. The device is built on an ESP8266 MCU and an ADE7953 metering IC. The chips are connected by an I2C bus.

We've uploaded a NodeMCU firmware to the socket and have programmed the device using Lua to get metrics from an Analog Devices chip and to send it to our web service via WiFi.

The created web service collects and analyses this data and composes pretty charts of current, daily and monthly power consumption and expenses.

Challenges we ran into

It was complicated to make separated parts of the system to work together smoothly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've formed a very nice and cooperating team and have produced a solid project.

What we learned

How to measure electricity and communicate over an I2C bus. The ways electricity is produced by different kinds of energy plants.

What's next for Neon

We want to add a schedule for sockets to switch them off and on automatically depending on the current level of "green electricity" available.

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