I have many friends who sow organic fruits and vegetables and they don't know where they can sell their harvest. Another inspiration was my mother who struggles every week trying to find organic food.

What it does

NeoJibaro is an mobile app that local organic farmers can use to register their harvest so the people can find their products. Clients can search for local organic farmers by town or by geolocation.

How I built it

I built it using facebook's React-Native and Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into many challenges trying to implement Twitter Fabric Digits with React-Native. React-Native is a new framework so it lacks of documentation and support. Another challenge was to work alone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of my accomplishment to integrate React-Native with Firebase and to stay awake for the 24 hours of the hackaton.

What I learned

I learned how to integrate React-Native with Firebase and how to use Twitters Fabric.

What's next for NeoJibaro

I think NeoJibaro is a great idea. I've been investigating for many months and I can see the potential and the impact that I could bring. I will keep working in this project.

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