IMPORTANT: You will need the following to fully test the demonstration dApp that is shown in the video.

  • The Neoline Chrome extension with some TestNet gas
  • Greenfinch (Alex Walker's hackathon entry, a GUI based file manager for NeoFS)

Also, as the video says, the container you create with Greenfinch to host your DAO assets must be set to Public Read Only permissions!


The NeoDao Toolkit consists of two main elements, a smart contract and a client side Javascript library. The NeoDao Toolkit opens the world of DAO programming to a much larger audience then ever before. A developer with only common web site development skills can create robust, full featured DAOs on the Neo N3 blockchain.

Nearly all the complex technical skills needed to develop A DAO are abstracted away by the Neodao toolkit:

  • The NeoDao client side Javascript library handles all the difficult interactions with the user's Neo N3 wallet.
  • The Javascript library leverages the powerful Greenfinch local integration API, freeing the developer from having to learn the many facets of NeoFS, the most powerful decentralized file system on the planet
  • The NeoDao smart contract performs the most common tasks associated with a DAO, but with the help of the Javascript library, the developer is freed from having to interact with it.


Currently the toolkit only allows the user of NEO and GAS tokens. Later support for many more Neo N3 hosted tokens will be added.


First goal is to finish implementing all the DAO functions that most DAOs use. The long-term vision is to create a full fledged "no-code" DAO platform, where end-users can create DAOs without having to write any code at all.

LINKS - A live demo DAO that uses the Neodao toolkit - The smart contract code for NeoDao - Source code for the demo DAO project

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posted an update


In the next few days I am adding support to NeoDao for the GhostMarket "verified user" API. The demonstration DAO, which I'll be showing in my presentation, is an actual, full-fledged DAO for funding NFT artists (e.g. - an NFT artist wants funding to do a series of NFT art pieces). That way, people that want to fund the NFT artist know that the artist is "legit" and won't just "take the money and run". I suggested to Vincent, the founder of GhostMarket, that he make the service available globally to authenticate all N3 users, and not just NFT artists. It turns out they already had plans to do that and in about 2 weeks, they will be releasing it to everyone!

This a badly needed service and it will be greatly appreciated by all Neo dApp builders. Since I am adding support for it to the NeoDao toolkit,all* DAOs created with NeoDao will automatically have this feature, with no work required on the part of the DAO creator. If the user has been verified by GhostMarket, a badge will appear next ti their name on the proposal details page, showing that fact to prospective proposal funders. Since the proposer is verified cryptographically via their Neo wallet when they submit the proposal, it's a great way to know the artist can be trusted to actually build what they are requesting funds for in their proposal.

Better yet, since the code for doing the GhostMarket API check will be in the NeoDao toolkit, an open source project, all Neo N3 dApp builders can use it! That is also true for the code that integrates with the Greenfinch API so N3 dApp builders can add NeoFS support to their dApps (via Greenfinch), just by dropping the NeoDao NeoFsFileBox Javascript control onto their web pages.

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posted an update

Big update coming tomorrow or Thursday!

I finished adding the code to support a full DAO pipeline, from proposal submission to passage. Both the NeoDao smart contract and client side toolkit have been massively upgraded to support the new core DAO functionality. I recently added these common DAO proposal handling features:

  • SPONSOR a proposal with support for multiple sponsors
  • REVIEW a proposal with multiple reviewers allowed and the reviewers being paid the reviewer reward that was set in the DAO settings once they complete a review. Review submittal has the same NeoFS support feature that the proposal submission step has, whereby recent uploads to NeoFS are automatically attached to the review payload sent to the NeoDao smart contract, thanks to the Greenfinch Local Integration API (see video).
  • VOTE on a proposal with full enforcement of the DAO set quorum and YES vote percentage requirements.
  • EXECUTE a proposal after the DAO set YES vote percentage across the quorum is met. Once executed, either a new member is added to the DAO for membership proposals, or for funding proposals all the requested loot and share amounts are paid to the proposer.

I am starting full testing tomorrow and I anticipate updating the NeoDao web site and the public GitHub repositories for the NeoDao smart contracts by Thursday evening at the latest with this new powerful code base.

NOTE: Although I am calling it a "demo DAO" it is not a toy! It is a full fledged DAO that can actually be used for funding proposals and it has proper payment handling and rewards processing as you would expect. (Although it is only on the TestNet currently).

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