In short J.A.R.V.I.S from Iron man inspired me (oh yeah along with our beloved H.A.L). We wanted to build a home automation system which became a automation+security system and a personal assistant.

"Neo" (yeah like in Matrix) is capable of listening to you. Turning on or off the lights on your command (or request) and also monitor the home when you are not there (right now the "lights" are depicted by a LED). It can converse with you, tell you the weather if you ask for it and even can do simple mathematics for you! (yeah and of course it will talk back to you).

Along with that in case you are feeling too lazy, you can just come back home and "wave" your hand to turn on or off your light/fan or whatever appliance you want if you just point at that and wave (again right now depicted by LED!)

With this you can customize anything at your home as long as it can be connected with Neo (we didn't use live transmission or real bulbs just because 1. we didn't have them 2. live wires maybe risky in an open hackathon)

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