The rental process is very expensive and combersum for both the renter and the potential rentee. Background checks, and rental history inquiries can quickly become expensive while also making the process very slow. The blockchain is a perfect solution to solve this problem.

What it does

Renter's rental history (payments, late payments, evictions, etc) is encoded and saved on the NEO blockchain. As well as rental properties information (damages, condemnation, etc). Renters can also pay their rent/damages with NEO

How I built it

Web app was built in VueJS/Laravel with Neon-JS npm extension

Challenges I ran into

Deploying privnet on digital ocean image. Trying to get neon-js to invoke contracts with attached NEO/GAS

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned more about NEO smart contract ecosystem

What I learned

When to use an Asset. When to create your own token to run contract vs just relying on NEO

What's next for NEO Rentals

Finish bugs on front end and connect it all together.

Built With

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