It's a sort of cross of Hangman and Wheel of Fortune and I thought it'd be cool if you had to buy any letter instead of just vowels

What it does

It's just a standard game of Hangman but with a twist: you have a limited supply of letters that the game keeps track of. You can buy more but you need to win games to earn more money.

How I built it

It's completely coded using Java so it can only be run on the command prompt. It's comprised of 3 class files: the main file, a player object file, and a word object file

Challenges I ran into

This was a backup project I started just in case, so I had about 12 hours to work on it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the extra features to Hangman I added. In my opinion, it gives it a feel that's different from regular Hangman

What I learned

It's better to go into Hackathon with an idea in mind. and if you don't, to clearly hear from your teammates what their ideas are so you have something to work on when they have to leave.

What's next for Neo-Hangman

Implement a (better-looking) interface

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