My goal was to make blockchain more secure by finding and proposing solutions to vulnerabilities in blockchain! City of Zion sponsored the event so I choose their codebase to look through! I have been interested in the security of blockchain for a long time: 51% attack, DDOS, forking, quantum computing, and sybil attacks.

What it does

DDOS protection is a security proposal to the City of Zion repo describes a way to update the codebase in such a way that it is resistant to DDOS attacks. Through code and PR comments I show that banlists and peer trust indicators can be used to solve the DDOS and Sybil problems.

How I built it

I used python!

Challenges I ran into

I have a lot of issues running the neo-python software. Make keeps failing! I got in contact with devs and I am going to talk to them on discord. My workaround was to submit code that wasn't really tested, but it had the implementation needed to understand one possible solution to the vulnerability. I am disappointed that I couldn't run it because I would have made a program that showed the attack in action and would have been able to test the solution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I contributed in a meaningful way (that will have influence beyond the hackathon) and I had fun while doing it.

What I learned

I learned how to do a pull request!

What's next for Neo DDOS and sybil protection

To lead to an official commit on neo-python repository and officially solve this problem.

Built With

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