Inspiration came by looking at the open datas of the Montreal city. We stumbled upon municipal reccords in an apparently scrappable/parsable/extracable format. We told to ourselves: wow, what a great opportunity to inform the people about their municipal politics and decisions.

What it does

It parses the PDFs of the municipal reccords from the city website, propagates the data to a database, this databsase being accessable by our server. The moble app can query the server with RESTful compliant calls to get the data. It is then displayed in a cute fashion on the application.

How I built it

We used Ionic for the app, a framework working with typescript and angular. The server runs with node.js.

Challenges I ran into

Typescript turned out to follow a different paradigm than most object oriented languages, which took some adaptation. Choosing the right data to parse from the pdf and to display on the app was actually very hard annoying, since the data wasnt in a very consistent format.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We actually got the whole system running in a first state before the night finished. It still needed fine tuning and ameliorations though

What I learned

I learned about Ionic and typescript! Also learned a lot about hackatons. Was a great experience.

What's next for Neo Citoyens

The app can be sold to cities or politicly involved people, and then used by the large public.

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