Remembering names and faces is hard, especially when you meet a lot of cool new people like at hackathons. We wanted to make it easier for people to build relationships by helping them with things as simple as remembering each other's name.

What it does

LINK allows you to keep track of the names of all the people you meet using speech recognition, natural language processing, face recognition and a camera strapped to your head. It may seem silly now to have a camera on your face but with Snapchat's new Snap Spectacles it will be all the rage in 2017 and beyond.

When you meet someone new

Simply activate enroll mode and find out the name of the person you just met. Their face will be recorded alongside their name which will be taken from the speech that was said around the time of the meeting.

When you need to remember who someone is

Press the recognize button, this will capture their face and find the name of the person which will then be discretely displayed to you on your watch. You can then make that all important gesture and use their name.

How we built it

  • GM sunglasses
  • Raspberry Pi & camera module
  • Python
  • Android app with speech recognition
  • Azure cloud storage
  • Kairos API

What's next for LINK.

  • Smaller form factor
  • Handling of multiple faces
  • Auto enrollment using NLP or handshake detection
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