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On average, half of patients with chronic illnesses like heart disease or asthma don’t take their medication. Reports estimates that poor medication adherence could be costing the country $300 billion in increased medical costs.

So why is taking medication so tough? People get confused and people forget.

When the pharmacy hands over your medication, it usually comes with a stack of papers, stickers on the pill bottles, and then in addition the pharmacist tells you a bunch of mumble jumble that you won’t remember.

What it does

The solution: How are we going to solve this? With a small scrap of paper.

NekoTap helps patients access important drug instructions quickly and when they need it.

On the pharmacist’s end, he only needs to go through 4 simple steps to relay the most important information to the patients.

  1. Scan the product label to get the drug information.
  2. Tap the cap to register the NFC tag. Now the product and pill bottle are connected.
  3. Speak into the app to make an audio recording of the important dosage and usage instructions, as well as any other important notes.
  4. Set a refill reminder for the patients. This will automatically alert the patient once they need refills, a service that most pharmacies don’t currently provide as it’s usually the patient’s responsibility.

On the patient’s end, after they open the app, they will come across 3 simple screens.

  1. First, they can listen to the audio recording containing important information from the pharmacist.
  2. If they swipe, they can see a copy of the text transcription. Notice how there are easy to access zoom buttons to enlarge the text size.
  3. Next, there’s a youtube instructional video on how to use the drug in case the patient need visuals. Lastly, the menu options here allow the patient to call the pharmacy if he has any questions, and also set a reminder for himself to take medication.

How I built it

  • Android
  • Microsoft Azure mobile services
  • Lottie

Challenges I ran into

  • Getting the backend to communicate with the clinician and the patient mobile apps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Translations to make it accessible for everyone! Developing a great UI/UX.

What I learned

  • UI/UX design
  • android development

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