To bring neighbours going through a disaster together

What it does

If you can help your neighbour, you can know whom to help and what to do. If you need help, the app will look for who could help you

How I built it

Built with an android app, which connects a helper and person who needs help. Uses Amazon webservices for natural language processing which takes queries from the user of what he wants: food, clothing, or any help in general, whom to help based on geo locations.

Challenges I ran into

integrations with different versions of the api's for push notificaations

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Was able to implement most of the integrations. Proud of my idea to help others. I find it cool.

What I learned

It's important to think of a good idea that meets requirements than of ideas restricted by skills

What's next for Neighbour in need

voice input for ease of use. health monitoring of children and old sick people in the neighbourhood.

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