Our Inspiration was to be able to work as a team and end up with one final project.

What it does

This project has a user interface that ask users for their desired price, number of rooms, price, and safety level. We implemented mapbox to does show a data driven map. Aside, we implemented zillow api that will give us a list of houses that are available by region.

How we built it

We built this using Visual Studios Code, Struts, Bootsrap, intellij, tomcat

Challenges we ran into

Everyone in our team worked on something they wanted to learn so our challenges was to create a final product while also learning something new.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Jessica: "Learning how to do parallax and creating my first website" Jonathan: "I was able to continue my education from last hackathon and enhance my skills in HTML, CSS and javascript" Gustavo: "I can officially say I am comfortable with http/https request in node.js. I understand the difference between client side javascript and server side javascript. " Francisco: "Using structs, I was able to implement the mapbox api"

What we learned

Jessica and Jonathan learned HTML, CSS, Bootsrap, and Javascript Gustavo learned node.js Francisco learned the structs framework

What's next for Neighborlytics

We plan to one day re visit this challenge once we all have more experience and see how much better we can re make it.

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