Udacity Map Project

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1.This is a Single Page Application representing a map of all the best known places to be in Lagos, Nigeria. In case you are new to lagos and looking for a place to chill, eat, sleep, party. We welcome you to lagos and help you find good spots to make a memorable stay in our great city.


  1. KnockoutJs
  2. Google Maps API
  3. Foursquare API
  4. Material Design Lite

The repository contains css, images, fonts and js folders, as well as an index.html and a README.md file. Once you have downloaded the files, you can play with it however you like.

  • css/: The css folder contains a style.css file which you may or may not need to edit
  • images/: The images folder contains the png image files, which are used when displaying the marker icons. The images for the matkers are going to be loaded from this folder.
  • js/: This also contains the view folder which is a representation of all the views for the project
  • index.html: opening index.html should load the map
  • README.md: Contains a description of the project and attributions

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