Everyday 50% of produce is being discarded and labeled as "waste". If the leftover, wasted food had gone to homeless shelters or food banks, more than 75% of the people who go hungry every night would not have to suffer anymore. Our job as of right now is to help the hungry, whilst providing food to those who need it. Neighborhood Pantry has two branches of work including the Local pantry and the Business Pantry.

What it does

Business Pantry Branch: Food. A necessary item for human survival. For some, it is a common thing to find in their household and is not seen as a privilege nor an amenity. However, to those in need, it is. This is why we decided to create the Business Pantry. Hundreds of thousands of restaurants around the world waste thousands of pounds of food every day. Although the food is left uncontaminated and still eatable, it goes in the trash and can not be touched by those in need. On the other hand, with the Neighborhood Pantry, it can help alert food banks and homeless shelters of the nearby restaurants who have leftover food. The food banks and shelters would be provided the food for the needy, gratis. Now, people wouldn't need to worry about starvation any longer and countless lives would be saved across the nation. Local Pantry Branch: Imagine that one is trying to bake a cake for a loved one's celebration. They have their ingredients: flour, baking soda, milk, sugar, and vanilla extract. However, something is missing: eggs. The celebration is an hour away, so running to the local grocery store would be very time-consuming. Coming to the rescue is the Local Pantry, in which someone nearby would have an egg (a neighbor for example) and can give it to the person. This process of payment would be up to the agreement of both the neighbor and the person. It can be free of charge or a simple tip if the two people both choose.

How we built it

We built the app with buildfire and we made the website with cloud9 using javascript and html.

Challenges we ran into

Customizing the website and the images of the website needed mandatory resizing for visual appeal. Furthermore, we ran into trouble with our login page of the app, because the users that were being added were not being registered in the system. We fixed this by slowly tweaking the app and troubleshooting to see what was the issue of the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud of having a fully functionally website and app that enables a call and email feature. We've also never created a web app before, but to have it functioning in a short constraint of 10 hours is very impressive to us.

What we learned

How to create web apps, as it was our first time and we also had learned how to connect cloud9 with GitHub.

What's next for Neighborhood Pantry

We hope to have actual users on the platform and even receive actual restaurants who are willing to participate and help diminish food waste.

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