San Jose is the most "UNAFFORDABLE CITIES" to live in. Therefore, it shouldn't be a surprise that a lot of people want to move away. Neighborhood Info takes in a longitude and latitude of a place you want to move into and displays its demographic info regarding the average household price, population, diversity, and etc to see if the place is the right fit for you. We built the website using html, css, and server-side javascript(Node.js). We ran into a lot of challenges, especially annoying bugs, fatigue from coding nonstop, and figuring out the required API calls. We are proud of solving a problem regarding house affordability and completing such a app under 12 hours. What we learned is that to achieve a very great accomplishment, it doesn't matter by average how much must be done in order to achieve that goal, but it is all about how we are able to commit ourselves and push ourselves to achieve that goal. It is also about the thought process of noticing a problem and executing a solution to that problem, which is what coding is all about. We plan to display more demographic info in the future and making the site more user friendly.

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