In Houston, one of the biggest problems is Socio-economic  segregation. Those who have a higher income level live on one side of town and those with a lower income level live on the other.

What it does

It is a social empathy platform that allows people to understand and empathize with others . It has a map feature that allows people to filter down into different areas to learn more about how others live in different communities. There will also be opportunities for people to get involved to help and learn about other areas.

How we built it

Its build using ArcGIS to display data about different areas in Houston.

Challenges we ran into

Small group and we didn't have a lot of programming expertise.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Collaboration amongst members of the team to create a idea that could be impactful.

What we learned

we learned how to use ArcGIS.

What's next for Neighborhood

We would like to create additional features, such as implement a virtual reality experience and a fully functional social empathy platform.

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