In our hometown, there's an initiative aiming to give direct + democratic voting rights to neighborhoods. We took inspiration from that vision and build something that urban neighborhoods can use to directly influence the development of their local 'hoods by voting on government funding.

What it does

Upon starting the local development server, you can visit our frontend and create a new project. Think: You're a city and you have funding to give. You can also view all existing projects, as well as your own projects. As soon as you created a project, local citizens can go to and submit proposals to your project with ideas on how to use the available funding. After the selected amount of time passed and other citizens voted on the proposal, the decision is reached on whether the proposal was successful or not. If it was, the payout can be executed and the citizen can start working on their idea.

How we built it

We took a react frontend, hooked it up to Solidity contracts, and fed that into, where the voting processes take place. Additionally, we wanted to implement Lens to give a unique social flavor to the individual projects.

Challenges we ran into

Being a two-person team with no design person, as well as implementing all the wanted technologies (i.e. Lens Protocol) fully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our prototype runs :) We build something in a very short amount of time. We still managed to immensely enjoy our time at the hackathon and in beautiful Prague <3 We're also proud of seeing the development in our own retrospective developer-skill-journeys, as we can see that we made progress in our skillsets.

What's next for Neighborhodli

Take it home and explore if there are any synergies with the already existing projects in our hometown. Maybe we built something that can help them in the development of a prototype.

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