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PANIC all over the World over food supply has been one of the biggest issues these days. Making sure that the population has access to healthy food at any circumstance, is vital for any country. Another HUGE problem is the logistics of food. These products are being shipped from the other side of the world, creating a big carbon footprint, and higher prices. People is moving towards home growing as a solution. Smart growing is one of these solutions, and these devices are being sold and used all over the world, but they can't offer a full nutrition to a whole family.

The solution to food supply all over the world is sharing. We propose a platform that uses the hydroponics smart growing devices that already exist, where users can share their crops, and exchange their extra vegetables or fruits with their neighbors. The web/app platform should provide the users with live information about the water, light and nutrition needed for the plants to keep them growing stable, but also should show the harvesting times of their own crops and the other users'. The food that is not being sold to other users, it's being bought by the platform and taken to local shops for selling at lower prices than food that is being brought from foreign countries or long distances due to seasonal crops and climate differences. This is a solution to the ecological problem of food logistics, but most important it solves food supply in crisis like the one we are facing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

During this amazing weekend, we had accomplished one of the biggest goals of our life, developing a prototype of a homegrowing device. Also we have learn about the value of team working while accessing to new knowledge about business planning from EUvsVirus. Finally we enjoyed a big enrichment experience while working with such a diverse team.

Neighborfood Impact to the crisis

In short-term the local communities by increasing the food supply independence while increasing the awareness of having healthy food. Our educational system will also allow users to learn without being force to consume but by being part of a community of responsible citizens. Also we will increase the production of home-grown crops in urban areas, which will give people living in cities also an opportunity to become more independent from the food supply chain.

What's next for Neighborfood House Growing / Food trading.

  • Developing of the first stage of the company (Neightbourfood mobile App), In our second stage (Neighbourfood Smart Garden Device),
  • Create the app mvp and go for a seed investment or Accelerator to launch the app within the Q4 2020,
  • Develop a low-cost homegrow device to offer as a quick option to onboard as urban producers as much citizens as possible.

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