Many people don't know their neighbors, and therefore have no way to communicate what they need to their community. This project aims to help local churches and communities help vulnerable people during a crisis.

What it does

It allows churches and community members to stay connected with members of their local community in real-time by implementing a proprietary check-in process.

How I built it

We build this application in React with the Google Maps Javascript API

Challenges I ran into

Communication between teammates was an issue for a while, and our lead developer had to learn how to use the Google Maps API, which was very time-consuming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everyone involved really hustled to get this done, and there were a lot of creative solutions that were implemented,

What I learned

Communication, leadership, Google Maps API integration, teamwork, many new tools like Canva and Proto, how to pitch

What's next for Neighbor XM'

We are going to test this app with local churches in California. We are also going to add additional features that we were not able to implement.

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